Find a Nanny

If you are looking to find a nanny online you have come to the right place.

Here at Local Babysitter, we specialize in not only matching parents with the perfect childcare provider, but also offering advice on how one should go about doing so, especially online.

Not too long ago, it was less common to find childcare services online. But now in the 21st century, with technology and thorough background checks, there are several key service providers who help match you with a nanny, all without having to make any phone calls or do any background checks yourself.

The three main providers that we recommend to readers are the following services:

  • Urban Sitter
  • SitterCity

So how do these services work?

Instead of having to hunt for a babysitter or a nanny online yourself, you can use these services, who all thoroughly vet each person listed on the site, and match with several sitters you are interested in talking with further. These services will give you the opportunity to reach out and start a conversation with several babysitters and nannies in your zip code.

Each service will also allow you to post your specific request. For example, if you want only specific sitters to reach out to you based on any number of criteria, you can set up a profile on the above websites and create a “job listing” about your desired childcare. This is a great way to have sitters reach out to you, with all your requests listed out before they do. This is a great option if you have some particular things you want to make sure are in order.

Are these online babysitter services safe?

The above services all use strict background checks to ensure that your children are with only the best care. The nannies and babysitters listed on the site have passed these background checks and are guaranteed to provide top-level service. We recommend the above services because we know them to be some of the best currently available to parents and guardians.

With technology improving, it makes sense that online babysitter searches would get more common. Marketplace services that match people with specific skills with those of us looking for people with specific skills are growing like crazy. Think about how quick companies like Rover took off, or Uber and Lyft. All ideas that probably seemed a little dangerous or even silly at first, and yet now they’re major service providers around the globe.

Have any questions about finding a babysitter or nanny online? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll get you the answers you need!