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More than most questions, people ask us about whether or not to offer their nanny paid time off for at least a few weeks each year.

It’s a complicated question, and truly varies on so many elements that it’s hard to give a concrete answer, but we’ll start from the top and offer some advice.

Most nannies are going to be “1099” contractors, if you keep your payments above table and are reporting tax-related financial records to the IRS. And because of this, you do not owe a nanny any paid time off. There is no legal requirement to do so.

Now when we speak to most nannies, many do not expect paid time off, but expressed that they certainly would appreciate it if the family they cared for was able to do so. While this isn’t always the case, it does seem more common for families financially able to offer a paid vacation to their nanny.

The most important thing to make sure of though is that expectations are set up front. It can make for an awkward relationship to wait until the nanny needs to take some time off or when you as a family go out of town and won’t be using the nanny’s services to decide in the moment how payment will work.

One thing of note, is that when families offer even a small amount of PTO, nannies often report that they feel a better relationship to the parents of the child they are caring for. These little extra benefits can be a great way to help your nanny out in a way that another family might not think to, which will keep the nanny more loyal and hopefully more reliable.

To recap:

  • Most nannies are 1099 contract employees, and are not legally owed any sort of PTO or paid sick leave
  • Some families are now including a small amount of PTO and paid sick time off in order to build a better relationship with their childcare providers.

What do you do in this situation? Have any questions about paying your nanny vacation time? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll get you the information you’re looking for!

Looking for a reliable nanny? Use our custom search to find a nanny in your area!