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There is nothing more important than making sure the person you select to care for your children is the right fit for your family. Here at Local Babysitter we use a comprehensive rating system to ensure that the nannies and babysitters we recommend are guaranteed to be trustworthy and reliable.

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The sitters we recommend have all had background checks, have been reviewed by other parents and guardians like you, and in most cases can provide references. We update our ratings often, so you know when you use our Local Babysitter search, you’re only getting recommend the highest-rated sitters.



10 Important Safety Tips for Babysitters Watching Children in Homes with Swimming Pools

For many kids, there’s no better way to spend a warm day than having fun in the sun at the pool, especially when they get to splash around with their favorite babysitter. Of course, as childcare providers, sitters are responsible for the health and well-being of the...

Warning Signs of Child Abuse — and How Babysitters Can Safely Reach Out for Help

As a babysitter, you’d do anything to protect the kids in your care — and not just because you’re paid to. There’s a special bond between caregivers and the children they watch that extends far beyond the hours kids spend in their custody. For this reason, it’s... vs. SitterCity: Which Is Best?

There is nothing more important to parents than the care of their children. You want them to be safe, happy, and healthy at all times. While you can’t prevent every case of the sniffles or every meltdown, you always do your best to protect your child. This is why...


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